SG Bio

Sonic Groove Records was the brainchild of three New York techno DJ’s, Brothers Frankie Bones & Adam X along with Heather Heart. The operation began in early 1990 when Frankie first toured Europe and found himself in the U.K.’s Summer Of Love playing records to large crowds between 25,000-33,000 people. Discovering the essence of an emerging techno scene in Europe, Bones would launch the “Groove Record Shop” in Brooklyn, New York to push this newly emerging Electronic music scene and culture. Adam X would soon join in the mix and together the two brothers would push forward a quest to break techno music to the American people.

Their legendary STORMraves in Brooklyn in the ’90s have earned them the reputation as pioneers of rave culture. “Frankie Bones & Adam X introduced raves by throwing a series of big underground parties. They were known as the STORMraves.  Many promoters give them credit as the founding fathers of the scene in America.

In 1995 Frankie and Adam along with new found partner Heather Heart who was behind the legendary fanzine Under One Sky” would relocate their Brooklyn record shop under the big lights of New York City.  Thus  “Sonic Groove Records” was born. It was the dawn of a new era for the techno scene in NYC as the store was much easier to reach for many people now. Sonic Groove would move large quantities of techno vinyl releases throughout the globe which lead them to become one of the most dominant forces in the industry.

At around the same time the shop opened in Manhattan, Adam X would start up the Sonic Groove records imprint. The label would see artists like Neil Landstrumm, Abe Duque and Adam, himself kick things off with a succession of new releases. The label would continue to grow releasing music from many of the top techno artists in the scene. The shop would also branch into vinyl distribution department. Pushing many groundbreaking US techno labels to other shops and distributors around the globe.

Things were moving along very nicely but then suddenly “BAM” the tragic events of 9/11 would come into play. The shop located a half a mile away from “Ground Zero” would suffer severe consequences from the events of this day. From one day of many customers to the year that followed, very little customers.

Purchasing music & going to related events were simply not on the mind of New Yorkers following the year after 9/11/2001. Compounded with the advancements in the digital music revolution taking hold upon the music industry, the shop would find itself in very hard financial times. Never being able to bounce back from 9/11. “Sonic Groove” the shop would finally close doors on October 27, 2004, almost 15 years from when it began.

With Sonic Groove records as a retail outlet closed , Adam refused to throw the towel in on the legacy of Sonic Groove. Relocating to Berlin, Germany in 2007 and still residing there, Adam has taken the Sonic Groove label to further heights with a well built artist roster of contemporary techno and industrial artists and many new releases out each year.

Sonic Groove though one of the longest techno labels running, refuses to push the sounds of the past. Instead, we prefer to define the sound of the future.

Download the Sonic Groove logo

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